Our Buying Process

A Safe, Simple & Transparent Way To Purchase Your Next Vehicle

A Buying Process You Won’t Find At Most Dealerships

  1. Browse Our Inventory
    1. Pick 1-3 vehicles that meet your needs
  2. Review Products That Can Be Included With Your Purchase
    1. Pre-Paid Maintenance
    2. Accident Umbrella
  3. Apply For A Loan – Turner Application – YOUR INCOME IS YOUR CREDIT!
    1. Application
    2. Income Verification
    3. Identity Verification
    4. Trade-In Information
  4. Wait For An Email With Your Offer
  5. We Will Call You To Review Documents & Set Up Closing
  6. Sign All Documents At Home & Schedule Your New Vehicle Delivery
  7. Buy With Peace Of Mind
    1. All vehicles include a 3-month/3,000 Mile powertrain warranty
    2. All vehicles include 7-day/250 mile exchange program

The End Result – Happy Customers!

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